What we do:

Smiles Uganda provides scholarships and support to 45 children in Uganda to enable them to go to school and complete their education. This project has been running since 2010 and helps children who have family or financial hardship. Most are orphans from the AIDS epidemic. This year we have 2 University graduates.

Smiles Uganda is funded by donations and local fundraising events in Canada, England and Uganda. So far $120,000 has been raised towards our cause. Last year we had our first success story as our first graduate enrolled in civil engineering school!

Help us support children in Uganda!

"There are those who enter the world in such poverty that they are deprived of both means and motivation to improve their circumstances. Unless they can be touched with the spark that ignites the spirit of self enterprise and determination, they will only sink into apathy, degradation and despair. It is for us, who are more fortunate, to provide that spark" -HH Aga Khan



Many of these children are AIDS orphans and have been brought up in extreme poverty. Scholarships enable these children to obtain an education and to end the cycle of poverty.


Scholarships are provided primarily to cover or contribute to: School fees in primary and senior school, Boarding fees for children whose circumstance require that they board at school, Living expenses for children facing exceptional circumstances.

Our Story

While living in Uganda from 1994-2004, I had the privilege of meeting many Ugandan children. I was amazed at was how spirited the children were, despite the poverty and despair they were living in, they always seemed hopeful and encouraged by everything  around them. After leaving Africa, I always knew that somehow I would need to find a way to give back to those children and fulfill on the hope they felt, and the optimism they saw for their future.

I immediately reached out for support from some amazing, talented and generous individuals I know who pulled together to make this project come to life. Our collective mission was to further youth education in Uganda and so the "Smiles" chapter in Vancouver was born. We fundraise in Vancouver, London and Uganda and working together, we support over 45 children, who otherwise would have no access to an education.


We Want to See Children Succeed

We are passionate about lifting the children of Uganda out of poverty through education and opportunity. Please consider making a donation to change a child's life and allow them to attend school.



Smiles organizing Team Canada: Alexis Mills, Ann Fieldsend, Rayna Scott, Tanya Souter, Galib Kara, Azmina Kara. Promotional materials designer Andi Mortenson.

Smiles organizing Team UK: Khalid Virani, Nabila Virani, Rose UK Board, Farah Williamson.

Smiles Organizing Team Uganda: Zahid Wassanji, Rodney Shuster, Aly Allibhai, Allison Porteus, Sarah Olol, Nadia Beghani.

The Smiles Uganda initiative is project of Rose Charities Canada.