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Stand Tall Education, Kampala, Uganda

A few years ago, Nicole visited Uganda for the first time. She also visited the terrible slums around Kampala. There she met a man who lived in a shack. Every morning 30 children would arrive at his door and he would teach them what he could, using a stick and the dust outside to write in. He had been a school principle and when the government closed his school he made a promise to the children that he would continue to teach them. And that is what he was doing as best he could.

collage class L4Nicole was so moved by this man that she also made a promise. She promised to build him a school. And that is what she did. She returned to Canada, raised the funds, recruited the volunteers, built the school and hired the teachers. Today Stand Tall Education is an award winning school and an inspirational place of love and learning. The wise school principle is at its head and Nicole is at its heart.

Some of the first students have graduated and have moved on to higher education or skills training, and many student have received awards for their exam marks.

The school promotes free expression, a can-do attitude, respect for yourself and others and an open place of learning.

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Thanks to your support, these two people made an impossible dream come true.

Stand Tall Education does all of its amazing work through donations.

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