Elizabeth Hillman
Professor Liz Hillman OC at her cabin this summer.

It has been a wonderful year for the Hillman Medical Education Fund with lots of new projects underway and old ones showing such impact. It is a joy working with Dr Liz Hillman who continues to inspire us. She lives in Newfoundland near her daughters and grandson, so our meetings are now on Skype. Her familiar voice floats out of the computer, often to the background of a raging blizzard, while we on the west coast are still in sunshine. Through her guidance, we have kept our focus on supporting leaders in medicine and health and every project has a wonderful local leader in charge, who produces miracles with our little grants. We also support potential new leaders through leadership awards to medical students in Kenya and Uganda. We identify “Hillman Leaders” and support their research or post graduate education. The letters we receive from the recipients of these awards are very moving and make us believe that they make a big difference to the future paths of these talented and dedicated young people.

There is a timely example of the Hillman philosophy of fostering potential leaders. Many years ago, a young medical student, Bruce Aylund, traveled to East Africa with Don and Liz Hillman. Today he is in charge of the WHO response to Ebola. Inspiring young people today builds the right leaders for tomorrow. He states:
“This doctorate also recognizes the many, many people who provided the environment, the encouragement and the opportunities for me to pursue a career that quite frankly most people thought was outright batty when I began. Many of these people are here this evening – two of my professors, who were yesterday honoured by Memorial – Drs. Don and Elizabeth Hillman – who sent me off to Africa for the first time 21 years ago.” Liz Hillman continues to inspire and influence the course of international health to this day. The Hillman Fund carries on her important work. Run by volunteers with no admin costs- every donation makes a full impact.

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