Why neonatal resuscitation as a key focus in healthcare
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The stats alone speak to the need but why try to save these newborns when a family can just try again, if their baby doesn’t survive? This is harsh talk for sure, but something that I often hear both within Haiti and in North America. It’s a different reality in Haiti with so much poverty and limited or no healthcare resources for many.
Why indeed! There is the obvious belief that each life is precious, but more simply the effort it takes to save many of these lives is minimal and is within the ability of low resourced hospitals to make. The other overlookd issue is that many infants survive, but with poor assistance at birth, they suffer from lack of oxygen due to poor breathing efforts that can cause brain and organ damage leading to long term disability. It’s hard enough to survive in Haiti with an intact healthy body let alone major disabilities like cerebral palsy and learning disabilities.

The Stats

An insightful research article published recently looked at the statistics in a hospital in Haiti. They found that 32.9 % of newborns were not breathing at birth and needed support. Of these infants needing resuscitation 11.8% needed drying and stimulation, 19.6% needed airway clearing and 17.6% needed bag-mask ventilation with or without chest compressions. In North America 10% of newborns require this kind of support. https://dash.harvard.edu/handle/1/17613735
We see a need for resuscitation skills to assist the newborn in Haiti. We also see a lack of basic resources like airway clearing equipment and bag-mask ventilators. Change and improvement is achievable with basic education and resources, but equally importantly is ongoing training that takes place in the delivery room, practicing the skills and communication methods needed to ensure a fast and effective response to infants in need. That’s the follow-on work that is so important in supporting a sustained change in practice. This is where we can make an impact. This is why we want to go to Haiti again and again.  Help us to get back to Haiti and support the great work that is happening there.

Our funding goal is $15,000.00

Any donation to this project will make a huge difference to newborn health in Haiti. If you would like to donate to this project, please click on the link below and select “Haiti Healthcare Education” in the top section. Thank-you for your support!


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