Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Dept of Anthropology Students  are learning about NGO’s and interning with Rose Charities as part of their course work.  As part of their assignments they have been adding to the Rose Charities blog:


An NGO is easiest to define by what its not: It isn’t a government organization and it isn’t a for-profit business, but even these two simple concepts overlap the world of the NGO. Someone has to pay the full time staff that work for the NGO, so there are some bills which will need to be paid. Though the government may not run NGOs, they may donate to the NGOs or provide funding. How does this conflict with the idea that an NGO is unrelated to government, or does it?

Overall, and in my opinion, an NGO is an organization that operates for the good of society. It doesn’t really matter what the cause is, from saving the whales to feeding the homeless. the most important aspect is the capacity to bring about positive change and to do good for others simply for the sake of doing good.
These are the important lessons we are learning as part of Kwantlen Polytechnic Universities class Anth 3501: Special Topics NGOs with the much appreciated help of Rose Charities.
-Students of 3501

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