French Healthcare Textbooks

HaitiHealthCareBlog6.pngOur 2016 trip offered us the opportunity to purchase and provide much needed current French language healthcare textbooks. We took a set of foundational nursing textbooks that cover much of the content taught at Canadian nursing schools, costing $742.00. We also sent 5 neonatal resuscitation textbooks to Haiti before we went, so that the learners could study in advance of the course. This cost $410.00

We have great enthusiasm as a result of our 2016 trip to Haiti and an opportunity to offer longer term follow-on with the Haitian Adventist Hospital in Carrefour. We are partnering with Sean Smith an independent highly qualified healthcare educator from Critical-Care Professionals International based in North Carolina. Sean is doing similar work with the Adventist Hospital and we are partnering with him to increase the potential. He is teaching content beyond newborn resuscitation.

The Need

HaitiHealthCareBlog7.pngThere is a need for French language adult resuscitation books that can only be sourced in Canada. We need $500.00 to purchase a set of these books so staff can study before Sean arrives to teach again in the next few months.

Our spirits are high and we are confident that we can truly make a difference to healthcare outcomes at the Adventist Hospital in Haiti.

Any donation to this project will make a huge difference to newborn health in Haiti. If you would like to donate to this project, please click on the link below and select “Haiti Healthcare Education” in the top section.

Thank-you for your support!


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