Thanks to your generous donations Rose Charities was able to provide $10,000 to our partners Kopernik  to help them distribute water filters and solar lamps to those most in need.

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Your donation helped us fund ,the distribution of solar lamps and water filters  reaching 3,820 typhoon survivors on  Negros, Panay and Cebu Islands. These people now have  right light at night, can charge their mobile phones,  and have a reliable source of safe drinking water.          Our local partner, The Rotary Club of Bacolod North, report that four months after the typhoon hit, there are still many areas where people are struggling to rebuild their houses and are not able to access stable electricity or safe drinking water.

The 372 d.light S300 solar lights have restored light to many homes, and have helped some families to continue rebuilding their homes at night. The 98 Sawyer PointONE  water filters are making safe drinking water available  to hundreds of families, and are also being used in  schools and community centres.  Thanks again for helping to  connect life-changing technologies with people affected by this devastating typhoon in                   the Philippines. Please see more photos and detail  in our project report, published  on our website:


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