Volset school gets safe running water!

In March 2013, when officials from Rose Charities-Canada visited VOLSET children’s home and school, they realized there was a need for a safe water source for the students. To get water, these children had to cross a dangerous road and then travel all the way down into the valley. They then had to carry buckets of water back up the hill to the school to use. One time, a girl named Angela was knocked down by a car but thankfully, she was not killed.

A student named Grace asked the visiting team to help find ways to access a clean water source within the compound of the school. After some research and investigation, a perfect spot for a well was determined and costs were calculated. Rose Charities provided the funds for the project and by June the well was completed and was ready for the children to use. After only two months, they had clean drinking water.

The students were very grateful and can now spend more time studying and having fun, rather than carrying heavy buckets around, just to get water!


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