Stand Tall incorporates vocational training whenever possible into the school curriculum. We believe that vocational training is an important step towards employment. With a very large under 30 population in Uganda and a high unemployment rate, vocational skills are insurance for future employment.

Last term Esther Sabila from EDUCATE! came to Stand Tall as a youth trainer and taught our children how to make liquid soap.

Esther Sabila teaching how to make liquid soap
Esther Sabila Teaching How to Make Liquid Soap

Cotridah, our Deputy Principal, taught a baking workshop. The learners learned how to make ‘daddies’ a popular baked good in Uganda.

Cotridah teaching baking
Cotridah Teaching Baking

We now have 4 cows and they are included in our curriculum to teach science, milking technique and animal husbandry.

milking the cow
Milking the Cow

Chicken rearing, gardening, tailoring, candle making are other ongoing projects at Stand Tall. The more skills we can teach, the better able our learners will be to earn an income and contribute to society.

chicken rearing is ongoing
Chicken Rearing is Ongoing

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