Every year, October brings Nicole to Stand Tall. It’s a great feeling to see our school thriving.   Our fruit trees are maturing, our animals reproducing and our children are all bright stars.  They greeted me with a wonderful performance of music and dance and lots of exuberance. We have quite a few new learners, and I hope to get to know them all over the month. Some of them are so tiny! Our first group of students five years ago were mostly older children who were returning to primary school after several years. Now we are getting children that are mostly at grade level. 

hip hop team performing a song







One of the most pleasant surprises was seeing our cow herder perform. He’s a boy of about 16 who has had little schooling. We decided to admit him to Stand Tall last year and he’s now progressing well. Yesterday, he performed a song with a strong voice and he commanded our attention. I was amazed at his talent. Moments like these are definitely one of the perks of coming here. Talent lies everywhere and when someone gets a chance to blossom, it feels really good to know that one has played a part in it. 

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