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As a result of our fundraising efforts, the children of Thanh Tien Flower Village now get English classes! Their teacher is one of our scholarship recipients from the village, who is now qualified to be a teacher. For 300 years, this was a royal village, devoted to making beautiful paper lotus flowers for the Emperor’s court. Since the war, this skill was almost lost, the village descended into poverty and most of the younger generation left Thanh Tien to seek work in the cities. Rose Charities is helping them rebuild their village and their beautiful hand-made flower industry.

Six million tourist visit the area each year and now they can add a visit to the Flower Village to their itinerary. Now, there is a Welcome Center and tourists can see flowers being made and try their hand at flower production. Our support includes: scholarships for young people to learn English, as well as marketing, financial and tourism skills. These classes are held at the Welcome Centre at night, so that the students can work during the day. This program has become so popular that it has attracted volunteers from all over the world who in turn bring in more tourists. Our program serves as a model that many other local villages are now copying, causing in increase in revenue for the whole area.

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