SAM_0084 Some very needy farmers in Vietnam who were affected by Typhoon Haiyan have received funds to get back on their feet and start being able to generate some income.   This is Cung Thi Quen, who is 92 years old and makes a living raising ducks and chickens. Each family received between 1M and 2M VND.


Other recipients include a 74 year old mother with a mentally handicapped son and who requested the funds to raise some cattle.  There is also a woman who  suffers from a heart condition and has asked for help with her pig farming enterprise. There are many other families who would like to be considered for help. SAM_0482 SAM_0483 SAM_0485 SAM_0486 SAM_0489 SAM_0501SAM_0190



  • Cung Thi Quen (92 years old)            

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