Update on post Hurricane relief in Haiti

As many have been following, Hurricane Matthew caused extensive damage in southwestern Haiti.

Rice for distribution, Miragoane
Rice for distribution, Miragoane

Amidst the overwhelming devastation, Rose Charities has begun to help out in the southern coastal area of Miragoane. For the past four years, we have been working in ten communities in Miragoane. All of these neighbourhoods were affected.

This past weekend on October 9th, food (oil, spaghetti, rice) was distributed to more than 170 families in these communities as food security is the first urgent need.  Depending on the size of the family, the food they received will last a week or less.

Distributing rice, Miragoane
Distributing rice, Miragoane

One neighbourhood ‘La Source’, was hit the worst. Our local committee in Miragoane reports that all the homes except for one, in this community are “gone”. The remaining house, like other homes that are still standing after the hurricane, lost it’s roof to the storm winds.

Crops, in gardens and on food producing trees (beans, rice, millet, plantain and fruit trees), are badly damaged. Many cows, goats and pigs have died. Families were depending on this lost produce and livestock to feed themselves and to sell in the market for income.

Please donate to help this cause. Rose charities is volunteer run and we have very small overheads. Every dollar that is donated can make a massive difference.

To donate, please click on the link below and write “Haiti hurricane relief” in the comments box. Thank-you for your support!!

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