We’re expanding!

November 23, 2021By Nicole SchouelaStandTall Education Uganda

Stand Tall opens again in January after a long hiatus of two years. The closure hasn’t been easy but it has given us the opportunity to plan for some big changes. First and foremost, we’re adding two new classes, Grades 1 and 2, with grade 3 coming in 2023. Going from a middle school to … Read More

Almost there

May 13, 2021By Nicole SchouelaStandTall Education Uganda

The perimeter wall at the back of the school is close to being completed. It will protect our new bakery building and our students playing in the open field. It’s a big but essential project.

Sanitary Supplies to girls in Ethiopia

April 13, 2021By David CrozierPartners in Ethiopia

One of our newer projects, Partners in Ethiopia, has been making a difference for girls in Agarfa with project partner Vision for Bright Future, an Ethiopian NGO… My name is Abeba. I am 16 and live in rural Agarfa, Ethiopia. School is important to me and I don’t want to miss any classes. However, without … Read More

Praying for Great Results

April 12, 2021By Nicole SchouelaStandTall Education Uganda

With Primary Leaving Exams on the horizon, the graduating class at Stand Tall assembles with prayers and candles in a ritual that aims to bring success to all our graduates. They’ve worked extra hard this year, having to catch up after a year-long school closure. We wish them the very best of luck when results … Read More

They’re Back!

March 15, 2021By Nicole SchouelaStandTall Education Uganda

It’s been almost a year since schools closed in Uganda but now the gradual reopening has begun. The grade seven graduating class is back and studying hard for the national Primary Leaving Exams at the end of March. The grade six class returned a couple of weeks ago and the lower classes will come back … Read More

Malambo Grassroots

December 20, 2020By AngelaMalambo Grassroots Zambia

Food Security during the Pandemic Sub-Saharan Africa is in the midst of a particularly severe drought. Many of those we work with had very limited access to food this year as their crops had not been able to give proper yields without rains. Thanks to your donations, we were able to provide emergency food aid … Read More

Ngoma Dolce Music Update

December 20, 2020By AngelaMalambo Grassroots Zambia

We continue to donate instruments and many replacement strings to the Academy! This year we received a lovely oboe, amongst other instruments, which means we are close to donating an entire orchestra of instruments to the Academy….we are just missing harp and bassoon! The music scholarship program continues to thrive. We have six scholars this … Read More

Malambo School Update

December 20, 2020By AngelaGeneral Interest, Malambo Grassroots Zambia

St. Vincent de Paul Community School Our special relationship with St. Vincent de Paul Community School in Monze and head teacher Sr. Lontia continues to flourish. At the start of the year, there were significant concerns about food security. We sent over extra funding this year to ensure that Sr Lontia could continue to offer … Read More