Stand Tall Education, Uganda

Each year we allocate some funds towards school improvements. Coming soon is new construction by one of our Stand Tall fathers. He’s building us a guard house, a goat house and a washing station. Two goats will join us at Stand Tall once completed.

In August during school break, we’ll be hiring some of our students to paint the classroom blocks under the guidance of our PTA head who is also a painter by profession. The kids will earn some money and develop new skills and our classrooms will look fresh and clean.

Goat and ChicksWe’ve restocked our chicken coop with 200 new chicks that are growing fast. In six months our hens will be producing eggs and our cocks will be sold off for food. Sale of eggs goes to sustain our chicken rearing project.

A vegetable garden is in the making at Stand Tall. We’ve cleared an area for a garden and planted a variety of vegetables which will be used to supplement and add some tasty variety to our lunch program. Thank you to Mesach for coming to Stand Tall and sharing his knowledge of agriculture with us.

If you would like to help Stand Tall Education and their work in Uganda, please make a donation through Canada Helps! Please select “Stand Tall” from the dropdown menu. All donations over $20 will receive a Canadian Tax receipt. Stand Tall Education is a member-project of Rose Charities Canada. Thank-you for your support!

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