When Grade 6 Nootka students, http://go.vsb.bc.ca/schools/Nootka/Pages/default.aspx, headed by teacher Ellen Thomas got together and brainstormed how to raise money for Stand Tall, they came up with some really successful business plans. The children were introduced to Stand Tall  through a slide show led by Claudie Azoulai,both a former teacher at Nootka Elementary School and one of the recent volunteers at Stand Tall. The slide show stimulated a discussion and the children came up with some ideas for raising money.

The class was divided into four groups; each group came up with a business plan that they had to organize and execute themselves. There was a bake sale and a book sale. One group organized a basketball game and another group collaborated with them by selling soda and popcorn at the game. Their efforts generated over $400 in sales which they would like to see spent on buying a new batch of baby chicks for the Stand Tall chicken project, as well as buying new sports equipment and books. Remaining funds will be directed toward the graduate sponsorship program to supplement the basic needs of of some of our students.

Thank you for your tremendous efforts and your determination, energy and hard work to make this event a huge success.

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