Who We Are

We're a team of Canadian and Ugandan educators that founded an elementary school in Kampala, Uganda in 2009. We believe that the most effective education is one that trains young minds to think independently, make choices, and ask questions.

What We Do

Stand Tall Training Centre is an elementary school in Kampala, Uganda that caters to children from financially disadvantaged backgrounds. Our approach encourages interaction between student and teacher rather than the traditional lecture and listen approach, and it also includes a strong vocational and creative arts component.

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We provide a daily breakfast, hot lunch and a healthy snack.

Vocational Training

Vocational training in addition to our academic curriculum: baking, tailoring, animal rearing & vegetable gardening.

Visual and Performing Arts

Dynamic dance, drama, music and visual art classes help develop confidence and individuality in our students.

Digital Skills

We introduce hands-on digital skills at an early age in our dedicated computer lab and through the use of digital tablets.

Classroom Environment

Using active learning techniques, the children participate fully in the learning process. They work in groups, and brainstorm solutions together. The teacher acts as facilitator and uses many techniques to stimulate the learning process - games, visual aids, music, and group work are methods used to make the learning process interesting and effective. Ongoing professional development ensures that teaching staff stays current and informed.

Skills Training

Our learners come from families where money is scarce. Learning a skill is highly valued and prepares our learners to contribute towards their basic needs like clothes, food, and school supplies. We offer a variety of skills training including tailoring, baking, basket and mat weaving, liquid soap production, candle making and shoe polish production.

The Post Elementary Sponsorship Program

The sponsorship program pairs a qualified graduate from Stand Tall with one or more sponsors. The relationship between sponsor and student can be very rewarding and long lasting. The sponsor usually commits to supporting their student through the entire four years of secondary or vocational school. For many of our students, sponsorship is the greatest gift because it opens the door to opportunity. For more information, contact Lorisa Schouela at lschouela@gmail.com


Volunteers of all ages from within Uganda and overseas have enhanced our school by bringing new skills, innovative workshops and professional development. They return home enriched by the experience of living in a foreign country, meeting new friends and benefiting from the cultural exchange that takes place. To learn more about our volunteer program, contact Honey Halpern at honeyhalpern@gmail.com

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We Make Every Penny Count

We're a no frills, volunteer-run project and we keep our overhead costs low. 97 cents out of every dollar you donate goes directly to Stand Tall.

Thank-you for your Support!


General Enquiries: standtalleducation@rosecharities.ca

Sponsorship Coordinator: Lorisa Schouela, lschouela@gmail.com

Volunteer Coordinator: Honey Halpern, honeyhalpern@gmail.com

School Principal: Ssimbwa Kayondo, simamulago@gmail.com

President: Nicole Schouela, standtalleducation@rosecharities.ca

Donations by check should be made out to Rose Charities with 'for stand tall' written on the memo line (bottom left), and mailed to Rose Charities 1870 Ogden Ave, Vancouver, BC, V6J 1A1, Canada

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