March 26th, 2011 | Author: nicole

This was a month of accomplishments. Below are only some of the value additions to our very special school.  Stand Tall is much more than just a free school with nice buildings. As we grow, we continue to add educational programs that are designed to enhance and individualize the learning experience. Our children continue to grow in confidence, creativity and academic ability.  Guided by our well-trained staff of teachers, these children are blossoming into their own. As one student wrote, “I love Stand Tall because it has made me what I am”. How exciting.


In less than a year of operation, Stand Tall Training Centre has attracted diverse groups of people from within and outside of the country. The relevancy of an education that enhances Teacher/Student interaction and creative learning practices is being continuously appreciated. We acknowledge with thanks the many resource persons with various skills, teachers and volunteers who have come in to work with us.

At Stand Tall, we cherish practical skills alongside academic education. We call upon you to join hands and support the disadvantaged children as we cannot do better without you. Any contribution counts, however humble it may be.


Gerald is our newest member of the Stand Tall team and our financial consultant.  He is an accounting wizard and organizational expert and we are all grateful to have him here once a week monitoring our expenses and keeping us on budget.


Our one -day-old chicks are adjusting to their new surroundings.

They will ‘brood’ for two weeks in a heated box before being let loose in the coop.

We bought the local variety of chicken for its superior resistance to disease. The children will be learning the process from vaccinating to feeding from our neighbor and our experienced Principal.

chicken rearing lesson


Many thanks to Festus, Nurse Maria and Josephus  for presenting our children with an afternoon  worth remembering.  The children were completely focused on the short film about Sexually Transmitted Disease and Festus, the presenter, had just the right mixture of humor and facts to keep the kids engaged and listening.  We are grateful to him for presenting a difficult subject in a most accessible manner.

Festus guides STD talk 

Nurse Maria teaches technique 

our dental kits 

lining up for kits 

Josephus continued with the theme of HIV prevention and warned the children of the dangers of STDs.

Nurse Maria ended the afternoon with a demonstration on tooth brushing and dental health care.  She also did a stellar job of keeping the children attentive and smiling.

The  afternoon ended with the distribution of dental kits to each child. Dr. Angelina Loo of Vancouver generously donated the kits.  There was so much excitement as the children lined up and waited their turn to receive a kit.