Fizo and MarkCongratulations to Mark and Faizo, two students from Stand Tall Education, for being selected to represent Uganda as Changemakers through the world wide Ashoka Foundation. Changemakers are required to identify a problem in their community, think of a plan to tackle that problem and then, recruit others to help make their plan a reality.

mark and faizoThese Changemakers decided to create two projects that will raise money for their community. Mark is doing a recycling project in which he collects plastic bottles, cans and glass beverage bottles. He not only earns money selling these but he helps clean up the environment as well. He created a recycling project as a way to help clean up his community and Faizo, on the right, created a plan of planting seeds in sacks as a way to grow food in his community where land is scarce. Fizo collected the seeds and planted them in bags that could be placed anywhere and also moved. Once the plants bear fruit, he will sell the produce. Congratulations boys for turning an idea into action. Both were selected to join other Changemakers in Nairobi and for both, it was their first trip outside of Uganda. We’re very proud of them and we expect great things to come from these two young men.

StandTall education is a  no-fee primary school in Kampala, Uganda to educate children who cannot afford the expense associated with government-sponsored schools, and we continue to fund the ongoing operational expenses and programs that sustain it. The school is located on a one acre property in a low income area of Kampala; along with the academic curriculum, we include vocational and computer training with an emphasis on the visual and performing arts.

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