The African Storybook Project is a project funded by the UK charity Comic Relief that aims to promote literacy among African children. The website,, is an open source site that offers educators, children, parents and the general public the opportunity to share, write and version digital books in the local language. Research has shown that introducing children to books in their mother tongue helps improve reading skills.  The African Storybook Project recognizes that books in the local language are often non-existent or very difficult to obtain. By making digital books in the mother tongue freely available, young children will have open access to these books via a projector or tablet at school or as printed material at home. Stand Tall is one of the pilot schools in Uganda to to launch this program. We expect to purchase pre-programmed tablets within the next few months that will contain digital books in Luganda. Our goal is to combine reading with creating. Our children will be taught how to write and illustrate their own digital book which can then be uploaded and shared on the site.

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