Stand Tall Education Sponsorship Program

The Stand Tall Sponsorship Program matches Stand Tall graduates with sponsors. Each year, ten of our top graduates are chosen to participate in this program. We count on the generosity of sponsors to assist these bright and motivated children to continue their education beyond primary school.

The grads at Majorine Secondary
The grads at Majorine Secondary

Two private schools have been chosen to receive our graduates: Majorline Secondary College in Kampala is situated near Stand Tall Primary School and St. Joseph’s Vocational School is situated in Kamuli, a four hour drive by bus from Kampala. All students who go to St. Joseph’s Vocational School receive boarding.

Christopher studying carpentry at St. Joseph's Vocational
Christopher studying carpentry at St. Joseph’s Vocational


The cost to sponsor a student at either school is $600 or $200 per trimester but we welcome any amount. A child may be sponsored by an individual, group, school or business. All participants in the sponsorship program are monitored regularly by a professional appointed by Stand Tall. Every sponsor receives a short history and photo of their sponsored student as well as email updates written by the student. All donations to this program are tax deductible. Whether your donation covers a full scholarship for one year or is a smaller amount, you can rest assured that all donations are appreciated and that every cent you give is used for one purpose: to give a child a chance for a better future.

For more information about this program and how it works, please contact Lorisa Schouela at

Please click on the link below to sponsor a child through Stand Tall Education. Please type “sponsorship” in the comments box. Thank-you!

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