Grass Root Doctors

Grass Root Doctors is a project providing interactive training for doctors, nurses, laboratory and pharmacy students in facilitation skills for use in rural communities in Southwestern Uganda. A series of 10 interactive training modules on topics such as Primary Health Care, Adult Learning, Community Entry, and Community Participation have been developed with faculty at Mbarara … Read More

Ngoma Dolce Music School

As the first full-time school for music education in Zambia, Ngoma Dolce Music Academy strives to provide excellent musical education for people of all ages in a creative and supportive atmosphere. Rose Charities Supports this school and their outreach program which exposes many children to the wonders of music, who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity. We … Read More

Stand Tall

Stand Tall Training Centre is a unique Elementary School in Kampala, Uganda that provides its pupils with an environment that supports child-centered learning. Selection criteria are based on financial need and a thorough interview process. The curriculum includes excellent academic instruction, computer literacy classes, a vocational skills component, and a vibrant visual and performing arts … Read More

Uno A Uno

Uno a Uno operates in the town of Cotacachi in Ecuador. It provides a safe place where local school children can strengthen their education through tutoring and gain support and skills through after school programs. Our vision is a world where all people have sufficient access to education and community support to be able to … Read More

Partners in Ethiopia

Partners in Ethiopia is a team of Canadian volunteers focusing on removing obstacles to education for disadvantaged children and youth, supporting community health education, and improving maternal health services. Our Ethiopian partner, Vision for Bright Future, a registered Ethiopian non-profit, plays an essential role in project design, decision-making, implementation, and monitoring. Acting on community requests, … Read More

Smiles Uganda

Smiles Uganda provides scholarships and support to 45 children in Uganda to enable them to go to school and complete their education. This project has been running since 2010 and helps children who have family or financial hardship. Most are orphans from the AIDS epidemic. This year we have 2 University graduates. Smiles Uganda is funded by donations … Read More

Malambo Grassroots

Malambo Grassroots oversees a number of projects in southern Zambia, where the BaTonga people live. Our projects assist Zambians as they work toward making a better life for themselves and their families in a drought-stricken part of the country. We focus on income-generating projects, education, community programs, and emergency assistance.

Haiti Healthcare Education

We are a team of Canadian bilingual physician and nurse educators specializing in newborn care. We teach Haitian nurses and doctors to care for newborns during the first moments of life. These basic but critical resuscitation skills make a meaningful difference in the long-term health and welfare of babies. Starting out life with good health … Read More

Malaria in schools

Due to Malaria, children in rural Uganda miss many days of school with fever, nausea, headaches and some can be left with lasting brain damage or death. These children take many weeks to recover and their education suffers. We have almost eradicated Malaria in 4 primary schools in Uganda with a new approach to treatment … Read More

Peer Support

The Impact Through Peers Project with continued support from Rose Charities Hillman Medical Education Fund trains Peer Group Educators(PGEs) in Sexually Transmitted Infection prevention, ways of avoiding unintended pregnancies, gender and sexuality, cervical cancer prevention, leadership skills, hygiene and sanitation, environmental protection and facilitation skills. These PGE’s are senior students from 6 Secondary Schools in … Read More