Uno A Uno

Uno a Uno operates in the town of Cotacachi in Ecuador. It provides a safe place where local school children can strengthen their education through tutoring and gain support and skills through after school programs. Our vision is a world where all people have sufficient access to education and community support to be able to … Read More

Haiti Children & Youth

This project provides educational and sports programs for children and youth in southern Haiti. Some of the children and youth are orphans, most of their families have very limited incomes. We organize annual soccer camps and youth retreats that provide a sense of community while also providing health and cultural education, arts and crafts, music … Read More

Partners in Ethiopia

Partners in Ethiopia is a team of Canadian volunteers focusing on removing obstacles to education for disadvantaged children and youth, supporting community health education, and improving maternal health services. Our Ethiopian partner, Vision for Bright Future, a registered Ethiopian non-profit, plays an essential role in project design, decision-making, implementation, and monitoring. Acting on community requests, … Read More

Malambo Grassroots

Malambo Grassroots oversees a number of projects in southern Zambia, where the BaTonga people live. Our projects assist Zambians as they work toward making a better life for themselves and their families in a drought-stricken part of the country. We focus on income-generating projects, education, community programs, and emergency assistance.

Village Outreach

This project is in its initial phase and isn’t fully up and running yet. Many farming villages in Cambodia are caught in the spiral of poverty. They lack the resources to make changes and persist in outmoded lifestyles and farming practices which don’t allow them enough extra money to improve anything. Working with farmers, we … Read More


Rose Charities Sri Lanka is now a multi-faceted community organization funded almost entirely through its successful microcredit program. Microcredit provides small loans to families living in poverty to begin small income generating businesses. We focus on funding women and we build supportive women’s groups. Started in 2007, the fund has granted thousands of loans to … Read More

Blind Center, AIDS Orphanage

We support 3 projects in Vietnam: an orphanage, a home for children and youth suffering from HIV/AIDS and a Home for the Blind. We support 2 orphanages with medical visits, supplies and roof repairs. Children with HIV in Vietnam are stigmatized, ostracized and banned from school. The AIDS orphanage provides food, shelter, schooling and a … Read More


Volset Orphanage and school in rural Uganda provides a safe refuge for abandoned and orphaned children. Through the generous support of a single donor, Rose Charities has been able to provide a well and clean water for the children, rebuild part of the school, a new kitchen and the boys dormitory. Through other donors, we … Read More