When purchasing sanitary pads every month is not financially feasible, what do you do?” A question often posed by families who can’t afford to buy female sanitary pads for their children. Typical pads designed for one-time use only are an economic burden on many families, which too often result in girls missing school due to their period.

Reusable sanitary pads are now being promoted across many economically disadvantaged communities, such as in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Ghana, all of which have reported a positive impact on female school attendance.

This year, Safe Motherhood handed out ‘Days for Girls’ packets to girls in grade 5-6 attending a remote school in Guatemala. This school has experienced a decline in class attendance amongst girls on days when they have their period. To tackle this issue, ‘Days for Girls’ packets were distributed, which include colorful reusable sanitary pads. Not only are they a safe and affordable solution, but the colors help combat the shame that girls may feel when it comes to menstruation. Reusable pads are also a step in the right direction to becoming more environmentally friendly with our use of hygiene products. They made Ruth and Annette wonder why such efficient sanitary products are not promoted back home in Canada and elsewhere around the world!

For many girls living in economically disadvantaged communities, they still rely on volunteer and community-based organizations for female sanitary products. Their schools can neither afford to hand out sanitary products to their female students for free. To help support the cooperation between Safe Motherhood and Days for Girls, please donate. Every dollar will allow for more girls to attend school even on days when they have their period.

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