P1030596Here are some photos of some of  the activities of  Rose Vietnam funded by Rose Charities Canada.  We work with the village Thanh Tien  near Hue in Central Vietnam.  This village has traditionally been a centre for making paper flowers. You can see some of the flowers  in the background of this photo. The art of flower-making was dying out with young people moving away to find work elsewhere and the village became very poor with much hardship.   We have helped the village revive the flower-making craft and turn it into a tourist destination.  Here are some of the other projects that have resulted from the new-found prosperity in the village.   The village conducts English language classes  for school children P1030914.1 copy. Rose Vietnam also runs a kindergarten and provide scholarships for post secondary education disadvantaged children and young people from the area. If you are travelling to Hue make sure you visit the village and take part in a flower-making workshop and bring home your own hand-crafted souvenirs and be part of the project!



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