RCRC is Rose Charities centre for rehabilitation in Cambodia. They have been working towards a stronger partnership with Cambodia’s Government Health Services.

A vital part of RCRC’s work is to collaborate with Cambodian government health services in order to reach the people in greatest need – the rural poor in Kandal province, where we are located.

Darong, Director of RCRC, and Sokny, Senior Physio, detailed RCRC’s recent work to an audience of more than 30 staff from NGOs and government health centres on Friday 27 July. Our work with children with club feet, people suffering from the aftermath of burns, congenital deformities and injury caused by road crashes, was of great interest to the audience. During the Q & A session afterwards they were keen to ask about what they’d seen in the presentation: what does the TENS unit do? What about an ultrasound machine? Isn’t it only used to examine internal organs?  They were nodding and noting that they had seen many of the conditions pictured in the presentation in their health centres; babies and children with club feet and other limb deformities; post-accident disability that had not been treated with physiotherapy; burns, including women who had suffered acid burns, and people who had suffered a stroke. The session wound up with requests for RCRC’s phone number and more information on how to refer their patients. We are excited by their interest and will follow up all referrals.

Sokny, RCRC’s Senior Physio explains the range of work our physios do.

This group of people has been out of reach to RCRC until very recently: but since gaining our Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Health, Darong has been meeting the officials and chiefs within the Provincial Health Department (PHD) in Kandal Province. The PHD is vital to our plans for the coming three years, when we will implement our Village Awareness Project in health centres within the province. In collaboration with the PHD, and with their approval, we will set out to raise awareness of disability, disability prevention and physiotherapy. That awareness will translate into more people receiving physiotherapy care.

Much of this would simply not be possible without a Cambodian director leading RCRC. The skills of our director, Mr Pech Darong, are proving invaluable in building our important relationship with government. This is crucial to our capacity-development work here in Kandal Province.

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