Women’s Advanced Education Sponsorship

Buhari means “married women or daughters-in-law”. This is the name that Rose Nepal calls its Advanced Education Program for Women. Women’s education is one of the most effective ways to improve a community’s health, poverty reduction, and peacefulness. The Buhari program operates from the rural Pharping area of the Kathmandu Valley. It provides full scholarships to local women to complete post secondary education. One of the first students is  Sushima from Kopu Village. She is close to graduating in Engineering and Architecture. She will be the first female Engineering graduate from this small community.

A sponsorship for a woman in the Buhai Program cost approx CAD $600 per student/ per year, which include both tuition, living and course material costs. It is hard to find an initiative of better value, as it creates a career for the student as well as many benefits for her family, community, region and country. Any donations to this project, however small, will be pooled by Buhari to complete the amount for a full Buhari Scholarship. So, even a small donation can help a woman succeed.

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