Rose Charities Celebrates International Women’s Day !
Rose Charities has many projects aimed specifically at women. Often women are the most overlooked group when it comes to international aid projects, but we feel that any project aimed at women has a far reaching effect throughout the community. From women’s support groups to vocational training, we have projects across the globe helping improve the lives of women.


Sri Lanka: We support Young Women’s Clubs in 8 villages, Girl’s sports programs, a Women’s University Scholarship Program, Women’s Livelihood Groups (Women’s Support and Women’s Vocational Training).

Pakistan: Frontier Primary Healthcare support of Traditional Birth Attendant training program through HMEF.

Cambodia: ‘Access for All’ program for disabled Women’s education, support and vocational training






Afghanistan: Tabish-Rose Charities Training Women’s Health and computer training programs

Guatemala: Safe Motherhood women’s birth attendant and women’s health programs

Zambia: Women’s income generation programs






Haiti: Women’s neonatal nursing training

Africa: World Birth Aid Pack saves countless lives

Haiti: Cholera Relief 2010 (Dr Amy Osborne)
We also wish to thank the women’s programs Rose has been privileged to have supported, partnered or planned with, in the past including the Lumbini Program for training of Female Village Eye Screeners and the remarkable ‘WBDI’ Organization in Samoa, the One in Three Women Organization (Seattle) and World Birth Aid (Seattle)

The organizers of Rose Charities also pay tribute and gratitude to the professional women volunteers (nurses, physicians, counselors, logisticians etc) who have contributed over 50% of involvement, organization and sustainability of emergency relief and ‘post-relief’ operations of Rose Charities and close partner AMDA. Their magnificent work has helped tens of thousands of victims in many parts of the globe.

Hurricane Katrina 2005
R.N.Kirsten Reems
2004 Asian Tsunami Sri Lanka
R.N.Mary Spencer
Japan Eathquake/Tsunami 2011