Cambodians Discover Physiotherapy

CPTA Physiotherapy TraininginPhysiotherapy is greatly needed in Cambodia where there are many road, farm and factory accidents and no post-surgical rehabilitation. Many are left with disabilities that would have been prevented with post-operative physiotherapy. For many years there was almost no physiotherapy available in Cambodia and the Cambodian Physical Therapy Association CPTA struggled to find jobs for its graduates. The role of physiotherapy was poorly understood both by the healthcare system and by the population.

With our support things are finally improving! For several years we have supported physiotherapy training through CPTA. These training sessions impact all the key stakeholders. This has led to an increase in both the skills and the profile of physiotherapy and gradually its importance is being understood. CPTA gave 3 training sessions in 2014 to 92 physiotherapists and clinical professionals who were from 12 institutes (including government staff, school of physiotherapy, NGOs staff and private practitioners). The school of physiotherapy was able to integrate the materials into their curriculum thus reaching a far greater audience.

As quality of physiotherapy increases in Cambodia, so do the numbers of patients seeking treatment. This year saw a huge jump in patient numbers. In hospital, patients had reduced length of stays, while in clinics there was a large increase in patients seeking relief from conditions such as back or knee pain. Physiotherapists are finding employment and much suffering has been relieved. A tiny investment of less than $3000 a year is making a huge impact!

The Hillman Fund of Rose Charities has agreed to fund more courses in 2015.

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