Physiotherapy Workshops


Physiotherapy is becoming better understood and more widely used in Cambodia. A few years ago it was largely unknown. The country has a high rate of traffic, industrial and farming injuries leaving long term recovery needs that would benefit from physiotherapy. The Hillman Funds on-going assistance to the Cambodian Physical Therapy Association provides 3 professional training workshops per year that are attended not only by practicing physical therapists but also by key personnel from hospitals, medical schools and the Ministry of Health. This has greatly helped to increase the understanding of the value of physiotherapy.  Since we have started our physiotherapy project, more and more hospitals are incorporating physiotherapy into their services. We are proud of the role the Hillman Fund has played in this change and we want to continue supporting physiotherapy in Cambodia.


If you would like to support this project, please click on the link below and select “Hillman Fund” from the drop down menu. Thank-you for your support!support-button

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