paper flowersRose Vietnam has been approached by the chief of Thanh Thien village in Hue to help revitalize a 400-year indigenous craft of hand-made paper flowers. We learned that at one time this village was well known for these flowers but that since the war the industry has not flourished. Rose Vietnam was recently granted a license from government officials from the province of Hue to work with the residents of Thanh Thien. This support guarantees local cooperation and legitimacy of the project.

tourist centreWe view this as a good opportunity for sustainable community development and we have developed a three year plan, with input from the local villagers, which would include construction, tourism, marketing and ESL. Estimated Budget $10,000. Over 2 million tourists are expected to visit Hue in 2012 and we hope to support the village by harnessing some of this growth.

The purpose of this project is to lift this very poor community out of poverty by supporting an indigenous art form, with a long-term view of establishing a sustainable, income generating, self-run cottage industry.



  • Register Designs of the flowers designed by the Village Chief ($80)
  • Rent land (10-15 year lease) for Welcome Centre ($2,500-$5,000)
    (a tourist oriented space where visitors can learn to make the flowers and a gift shop to purchase flowers).


  • Initiate training programs for guides/translators, ESL classes and hospitality courses.
  • If funding permits, initiate design and construction of welcome centre.



  • Build Welcome Centre ($3500)
  • Establish Thanh Thien based Rose board to oversee activities and growth of project
  • Marketing ($500)
  • Press release to newspapers and tourist agencies

We are currently helping Rose Vietnam continue this project by fundraising for the next Phase. If you would like to support this project, please donate online through Canada Helps and please select “Vietnam Projects” in the drop down menu.

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