Dr. Emel Khan would like to thank all those who have so generously donated to the Pakistan Flood Relief. More than $11,000 has been received through Rose Charities. Dr. Emel Khan and FPHC have won praise from the government and the UN agencies for their quick response to the floods. Your donations have not only provided much needed assistance to Pakistani flood victims but have helped build local capacity in emergency response preparedness.

During the reconstruction phase FPHC will be rehabilitating 12 of the damaged health centers on contract with UNHCR. As part of this project they will also be running two static health centers in Nowsherra and Chadsadda districts . Each static centers supports a 6 mobile teams each consisting of 2 medical doctors, 1 medical technician, 1 laboratory technician, 2 Lady Health Volunters, 2 MCH Assistants, 2 EPI technicians as well as support staff while each of the static centers employs 1 LHV, 1 MCH Assistant and 1 male Social Mobiliser. This makes for more than 50 additional FPHC employees for the reconstruction phase.

UNICEF is considering FPHC for implementation of a six month Nutrition Project for flood-affected people which is planned to begin in October. Under this project FPHC will provide Nutrition services to women and children in at least 10 union councils.

Donations are still needed for the reconstruction as many people remain homeless. Donations to FPHC can be made through the Rose Charities Canada Helps site

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