Helping people around the world
overcome poverty, through Education,
Community Support and Healthcare.


Through innovative projects and
partnerships in healthcare, education,
and community building, we support
communities to improve their
quality of life.

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Blind Center, AIDS Orphanage

Community Support, VIETNAM
Blind Center, AIDS Orphanage


Community Support, UGANDA

Mayan Health

Education, GUATEMALA
Mayan Health
Low Overheads
96% of of your donation goes directly to the projects. The communities we work in can stretch even small donations to achieve miracles.
Volunteer Run
Rose Charities Canada, is run by volunteers. Salaries are paid to local people in the communities we serve.
We are secular and non-political. Our purpose is simply to improve quality of life.
We do not dictate, but listen to communities and work with them as they find their own solutions to the problems of poverty and inequality.
Partnership and Education
We support community based projects that have strong leadership, local staff and dedicated volunteers. Our role is to find the resources and skills to enhance their impact.
Equality of All Persons
We believe all lives are inherently equal. We believe all children have a right to education and all persons have a right to healthcare and safety.

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