Wash those Hands!

March 18, 2020By Nicole SchouelaStandTall Education Uganda No Comments

With a virus that is quickly spreading around the globe, we take hygiene seriously at Stand Tall. Anyone entering the premises must wash their hands with soap and water. We’ve gathered all of our learners together for information sessions on the virus and the risk of contracting it and spreading it to others. Is it … Read More

Innovative Learning with Tablets

March 2, 2020By Nicole SchouelaStandTall Education Uganda

Stand Tall is always looking for innovative improvements. We now have digital tablets for the upper grades. They are programmed with the Science and Math curriculums. The students review their courses by answering questions on the tablets. The children love using them which in turn stimulates learning. The plan is to program all the subjects … Read More

Graduation Day

November 30, 2019By Nicole SchouelaStandTall Education Uganda No Comments

Stand Tall is a middle elementary school providing financial support for children in  grades 4 through 7. Where do they go from here? Those who have demonstrated a strong work ethic, active participation at Stand Tall, and consistent academic effort become eligible to receive sponsorship towards high school or vocational studies. Many of these students … Read More

How Two Canadian Doctors Teach Safe Birthing on a 9100ft High Hilltop

July 23, 2019By Josephine De FreitasSafe Motherhood Guatemala No Comments

Students role playing a scene of a mother who’s water just broke, calling the midwife and mother-in-law to attention, may not exactly sound like the conventional classroom for health studies. 17 years and counting, Safe Motherhood Guatemala, a project of Rose Charities continues to provide hands-on training for local Mayan traditional birth attendants (comadronas), paramedics, … Read More