It has rained in Cebu for over almost two weeks and forecasts indicated it will not stop for at least 10 more days. The families living in the tent city are being re-located into the warehouse ( previously where rice etc was being kept) since the tents  are flooding. The families in Daanbantayan without roofs ( of which there are thousands) literally have no where to go to stay dry. This is not the light drizzle, or the 40 minute monsoons. This is solid steady rain, all day.
Please keep these people in mind when allocating funds. They are desperate.
Cebu cares Cebu Shares is a collective of individuals who have come to the aid of people of Cebu. They are all volunteering their time to assist at the tent city and to provide shelter kits tyo families in Daanbanayan. One hundred percent of any funds sent to them by Rose Charites will be used to provide shelter and basic needs  ( but mostly shelter).

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