Introducing Leang Khy! Our new trainee physiotherapist, now working part-time with us and soaking up the skills and experience of Sokny. This is a new program we are implementing in an effort to further bridge the gap between NGO and Government health service provision and education. Leang Khy is a Cambodian trained physiotherapist (Diploma of Physiotherapy from the Technical School for Medical Care) employed by Chey Chumneas Referral Hospital, but like so many physiotherapists in this country, she was not actually working as one. Instead, she works in the pharmaceutical department distributing medicines. There has previously been no government physiotherapy service functioning in this hospital.

With the Hospital Director’s support and permission, we are now supplementing Leang Khy’s (small) monthly government salary, and providing her with training to work as a physiotherapist within the hospital. She is motivated, enthusiastic, and showing great promise. Her limited, but very much improving, English is adding to the speedy progression of the Khmer language skills of foreign staff!

Leang Khy has been a wonderful, vibrant addition to the work place since commencing with us in August.

She and Sokny are pictured working with a stoke patient, utilizing our new blood pressure monitor, purchased with funds from CIDA.

Sokny is doing an amazing job taking Leang Khy under his wing, patiently teaching, listening, demonstrating and working collaboratively with her to improve rehabilitation services for patients at Chey Chumneas Referral Hospital.

At this stage, Leang Khy is part time and not working in the community with us, she is based in solely in the hospital. As the internship program evolves and our capacity develops, this may change.

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