Banca 2Many fishermen lost their boats in the Haiyan Typhoon and have been unable to return to fishing and support their families.

Our contact in the Philippines ‘Jun Jun ” has come up with a solution. He writes

Building of Small outrigger boats made of fiberglass hull.  I had talked with Mayor Escario of Bantayan and a friend of mine in Northern Panay Island , that we do this together with the local fishermen who lost their livelihood due to the typhoon. I might be able to help in Cadiz and Sagay Citites in Negros Occidental, Negros Island as well. We supply the fishermen with  the fiberglass hull for the boat, which would cost around $400 each. And they in turn provide  the wood or bamboo outriggers and the labor for the attachment of these parts.  They get to participate  in the construction of the boats and will take good care of them.

Rose Charities Canada has sent funds for an initial 40 boats , which will be completed in a few weeks time.   Jun Jun and his team have created criteria to ensure fairness and transparency in the selection of fishermen. They plan to give priority to fishermen providing for families and children.

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