nepal-quake3Nepal Earthquake Assistance

Rose Charities Canada in conjunction with AMDA Canada has commenced an assistance progam for yesterday’s major earthquake in Nepal and surrounding areas. AMDA International is a major partner of Rose Charities and is one of the most respected emergency relief organizations, having sent hundreds of worldwide emergency medical missions over the last 20 years. AMDA’s Nepal chapter is highly active in medical assistance of every type and is already at work. Rose and AMDA have worked closely together for emergency situations in the past and we are joining forces again to aid Nepal. The relief efforts will be coordinated by medical relief expert: Dr Collin Yong of AMDA and Rose Canada, who also planned similar assistance both in the Philippines ( Haiyan and earlier disasters). Assistance is now very urgently needed and every dollar counts.

Donations will go to relief without any administration fees. All donations over $20 receive a Canadian Tax Receipt.  To Donate, please click on the link below and write “Nepal Relief” in the comments box. Thank-you!

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