Ngoma Dolce Music Academy


The program at Ngoma Dolce is going full steam ahead. Through the scholarship program there have been numerous workshops with the teachers at the Academy, as well as with visiting professors. Students from Kamulanga, a highschool Ngoma Dolce is working with, bus in over an hour each way to attend the workshops at the Academy. Some are also having private lessons from Ngoma Dolce, which we are thrilled about. The response from students has been incredible and heartwarming. We are grateful that the Chen Family Foundation Scholarship has allowed us to keep this program running! We’ve put some of the students’ ‘thank you’ letters here on our website.

Since we shipped the container last year, we have continued to receive donations of musical instruments. We had enough (several violas, a banjo, a guitar, a keyboard, lots of sheet music, and CDs) that, through a generous donation, we were able to ship two more boxes of instruments to the Academy!! Thank you, thank you!!!

Also in exciting news, the Academy has received a very generous donation from an independent donor. The donation has allowed them to buy a plot of land, where they are currently building a new music school! This is much needed as the current location is very small and rent is expensive in Lusaka. The new school will have practice rooms and a performance space. This donation, combined with the donations brought to them through the Malambo Grassroots project of Rose Charities now brings a dream to a reality for students, teachers and music lovers from around the world!


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