We’ve been busy the last few weeks finding out about musical instruments and medical equipment! An odd combination! We’re hoping to ship a container to Zambia with these goods in the fall. So far we have a piano!, a baby violin, a guitar, a trumpet, drums, music stands, and lots of music – Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, metronomes, strings, etc – we have promises of 5 new clarinets, another guitar, a drum set, a violin bow, and many CDs….. I’ve hardly started looking yet, so I’m hoping for many more donations once I contact the rest of my colleagues and local music stores.

Through a friend of Emma Noble, Rose Madagascar, we have had two electric OR tables donated, scrubs and linens – all of which we pick up on Thursday. Very exciting!! We’re also going to look into wheelchairs for the Monze spinal cord rehabilitation center as well as other medical supplies for our two hospitals (Monze and Siavonga).

We’ve met with a few people here as well who are looking into the shipping possibilities ~ we are really grateful for their assistance…..and I have a long list of contacts of people who may be able to help!

Last week we attended a fundraiser at a home in West Van that was put on by a woman we met at our Scrabble fundraiser last year. She has a Zimbabwean charity. She hosted a lovely all day event with First Nations crafts, local sculptors, Zimbabwean sculptures and our Malambo Grassroots crafts. It was a great day! We sold many of our crafts and baskets and it was great to introduce Malambo Grassroots and Rose Charities to a new group of people.

Heidi Krutzen .  21’st June 2011
Vancouver. Canada