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A Zambian woman's falling down house - Malambo Grassroots

For years Mirriam, in her 80’s, invited us around to see her house – and it’s growing problems. It was falling down around her and in the end ‘shifted’ in the night when there was heavy rain. The bedroom had been almost totally filled in by a giant termite mound. Like many other grandmothers, she is rearing small children. After 3 years a generous donor gave us money for a new small house for her and the kids.

These are photos of Mirriam’s house. You can see where she has put a mattress spring in the window to keep the wall up. Her Bedroom is filled with a giant termite mound that keeps growing and the small drop toilet fell down in the heavy rains. In the picture below, Mirriam shows us the paintings her departed son gave her as a gift.

malambo2Mirriam’s house is complete now. I visit her the following year and am surprised to see a new kitchen and toilet building.  In the toilet she has even designed a sit down clay drop toilet – the first I have seen. “How did you do this Mirriam?” She had salvaged the clay bricks, one by one, of the demolished house and built these two structures. An inspiring woman.

Mirriam was one of the founding members of the Malambo Women’s Club, the first income generating group started by Malambo Grassroots, twenty years ago. Today she is still a member attending meetings and handing in her hand sewn embroidered squares, these provide her with a small income to support her family.

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