Happy Holidays!

The philosophy of Dr Liz Hillman to foster and support local leaders still stands at the heart of HMEF. It  has been another wonderful year working with our overseas partners and watching our shared projects achieve such exciting and sometimes unexpected impact. We are so proud of these new young leaders who have created innovative and far-reaching programs from our small grants.

Dr Liz got into the spirit of the season at daughter Alison’s clinic last Christmas. Pictured with Dr Hillman are daughters Elizabeth and Alison. Elizabeth works in administration at Memorial University, while chief elf, Dr Alison is a family physician just outside St. John’s, Newfoundland, where Dr Liz still lives and continues to encourage the work of the HMEF.

We need your help to continue the work. We are volunteers so we do not waste money. Your donation goes directly to the project. Please consider making a donation and supporting us this year: investing in leaders today, pays dividends tomorrow. 

To Donate, please follow the link below and select Hillman Fund from the top. Thank-you for your donation!





As you probably know, charitable donations to registered Canadian charities, like HMEF, are tax deductible. But are you aware that when you donate publicly traded shares or mutual funds directly to HMEF, you eliminate the capital gains tax on any accrued capital gains on these securities? And yet the full value is used as your donation credit.

So, in addition to the usual charitable donation tax credit, your donation can also reduce your capital gains tax if you donate shares or mutual funds.

You can ask your investment advisor about the benefits of direct transfers or go to this link for more details. Thank-you for your support!


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