Malnutrition of Young Children in Rural Uganda

Malnutrition in UgandaDr Isha Grant sees many young children in rural Uganda suffering from malnutrition. This happens in areas where there is sufficient food, but young mothers do not understand about nutrition. Dr Grant is conducting a research study into the causes of malnutrition in these villages and will conduct training and other interventions to reduce it.
Dr Grant wrote:
“The villages are very far from the main road and the distance from each other is 7-10 Km apart. The Weather is dry with no rainfall. We worked with 6 village health-team members to identify the children in each household. Most children were under weight, stunted and had Kwashiokor. Most common foods given are starch with very little protein or other nutrients. We found those of pre-school age with helminthiasis. (Mothers described stool had worms suggestive of tape worm or hook worms)”.
We referred severely malnourished children to Kalagala health center for acute nutrition treatment. During the community health talk, we gave last weekend, 28 mothers with their children attended at the health center. We used this chance to deworm all children present and give them vitamin A supplements. As part of the talk we taught mothers and community workers about identifying local foods rich in nutrients that mothers can continue to give the children after illness for proper growth. Once we have our baseline figures we will identify the key areas and begin the work of reducing malnutrition.
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