Food Security during the Pandemic

Sub-Saharan Africa is in the midst of a particularly severe drought. Many of those we work with had very limited access to food this year as their crops had not been able to give proper yields without rains. Thanks to your donations, we were able to provide emergency food aid to people in the town of Monze, as well as those villages in the surrounding area. Our main focus was to supply food to seniors and school children. Rabson and Sr. Lontia were able to secure large orders of maize before the prices skyrocketed delivering to those most in need. Once again, many villagers have exhausted their food stores, though the harvest is still months away. Seniors have already been asking for assistance so Malambo Grassroots will continue to offer food and support.

Lukasa Helps

In response to the COVID-19 epidemic, a network of volunteers called Lusaka Helps has been spreading information and active support around Zambia. Every week, they have profiled a “Changemaker,” someone who is taking positive action against the spread of the virus. Two of Malambo Grassroots’s volunteers, Sr. Lontia Siakalambwa and Rabson Kambwali, were profiled. As well, Dr. Thea Savory, who partners with Malambo with her Dutch organization, Stichting Mwabuka, was also profiled. We are so pleased that their hard work and positive actions have been recognized by the wider community. Congratulations to all three!

Thank you to our Supporters!

During such a challenging year for so many, we really can’t thank enough our long-term donors, many new donors, Rose Charities Canada and UK, and the Belacqua Charitable Trust. So many people this year have allowed our grassroots projects to continue to flourish.

We realize now more than ever, how supporting one another through difficult times is key to a successful future, so thank you again for being a part of it.

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Wishing you and yours all the best for the upcoming holiday season and for a wonderful 2021.

With gratitude,
Jocelyn, Heidi, Sarah, Toni, and Marylee