Our university scholars have graduated! A huge congratulations to them on their wonderful achievements:

  • Chimuka Ngilazi graduated with a Secondary Diploma in Religious Education, Civic Education and Guidance and Counselling at Technical Vocational Training College. He has now been accepted into the BA program at the same school and hopes to continue his studies.
  • Coreen Mweetwa and Iven Moonga have both graduated with a degree in Nursing from Rusangu University.

Malambo Grassroots donors have supported all three students from start to finish. We can’t thank our supporters enough!

“…You made it possible for me to achieve this paper, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing. You supported me and made my future bright because education cannot be taken away from me….Thank you so much!”

-Coreen, Nursing Student

“…As of yesterday 06th September 2020, we had our virtual graduation… I personally appreciate your patience and confidence you entrusted me with that I would be able to obtain such a great achievement and make you and my family proud. I and my family are really thankful for the lifetime empowerment of knowledge and skills which would not have been possible without your financial aid. What I have become today will remain my lifetime inheritance and support which I will always live to remember. Through the knowledge and skills imparted on me, I will be able to support my family and carry on my plans of furthering my studies.
I wish you the best even as you continue reaching out to the most financially debilitated children with the passion to learn here in Africa and elsewhere. God bless you.”

-Iven, recent grad

Read Iven’s Moonga’s full letter here, showing his immense gratitude to all of the Malambo Grassroots sponsors who have seen him through his degree.

Another student, Timothy Ngumbi will also be graduating this year. We have been supporting Timothy since Grade 8 shortly after we met him at St Vincent de Paul school. He is the only person in his family to have graduated from high school. Now in his third year at college, he will complete his degree in December 2020. His studies have brought him back full circle. He is now doing his practicum at St. Vincent de Paul.

And former student Mweemba Matongo, our first university graduate in Banking and Finance writes to let us know that he is keeping well and currently working in Lusaka for a money lending institution.

We salute all of our students and their wonderful accomplishments! Bravo to all! If you would like to sponsor a student, please make a donation to Malambo Grassroots.

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