Dear Everyone in Canada,

This is an open letter from all of us; the staff of Rose Charities Srilanka.

A calamity had to occur in December 2004 in order to present the prospect of a shining future through Rose Charities International to most of us from the areas surrounding Kalmunai affected by the tsunami. Not only people who went through the adversity of life but also every one of the employees of RCSL (Rose Charities Sri Lanka) benefited from the services rendered by RCSL.

From the very beginning, there was a mere ten staff members, no furniture except used mats and plastic chairs under the shades of big trees to carry out regular office activities. Now, we are part of the Rose family and growing with RCSL. Since 2005, Rose Charities Sri Lanka has engaged most of us in permanent or part time employment. Presently there are more than seventy five staff members who are co-ordinators, CSWs, preschool teachers, drivers and minor staff. These employees are from the local communities which have low employment rates. These jobs encourage them to serve the needy and give them valuable working experience. This is priceless for our staff. This is why we offer our hard work and services to our communities.

This opportunity and stipend helps support our families’ day to day living. Each and every family of ours depends on what we make from doing social service work with RCSL. Since RCSL was established, some of us moved on to other work opportunities with the experience gathered from RCSL and most of us stayed working for Rose Charities increasing our knowledge.

Along the path, we have achieved various milestones thanks to monetary support, moral support and resources from: the People of Vancouver, Rose Charities Canada, Rose Charities New York, CIDA Canada and presently The Swiss Optimus Foundation. The enormous volunteer hours spent by the foreign volunteers to develop the skills of the Sri Lankan Team and to the smooth functioning of RCSL, have been invaluable. The untiring efforts of the Sri Lankan Committee in Canada make us very proud. We have never failed to appreciate every micron of help offered by these resources.

Let us first convey our sincere and heartfelt thanks to you all for your thoughtfulness towards the Srilankan Team. It was so kind of you to be favorable to us in many ways. We are truly touched by your generosity, your spirit, and willingness to get out of your way to help us. You are real friends and we are indeed lucky to have friends like you in our life.

We are now at the junction of completing a great project cycle. With hard working to catch the second phase of the project, we are now clear about what the future holds for us. We greatly appreciate the efforts of those who are spending precious time writing proposals without giving up the hope of helping us. We have faith that these efforts will be fruitful in the future.

Your generosity and help have been a strong support and an inspiration to us. Thank you again for all your assistance, monetary and moral. Reciprocating your kindness is not possible yet we like to assure you that you will always find us at your service.

Yours Truly
Staff of Rose Charities Sri Lanka

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