LET’S KEEP THEM IN SCHOOL…   from Jocelyn (Malambograssroots)

In Praise of Education – we are drumming up funds to add to our scholarship program and I found this comment in the Zambian Economist which directly illustrates the positive impact of keeping kids in school.

“South Korea calculated that the economy grew by 6% for every year added
to education. This means that if we (Zambia) educate every child through grade 12
instead of grade 7 we should add 30% to GDP. Some drastic improvement
in the quality of education would help as well, also in its diversity
(not every child is academically able some have more practical talents)

There would be an immediate increase in employment of teachers and builders and a later increase in colleges required.

people are more likely to challenge or question the nonsense that we
hear every day but not necessarily in a meaningful or productive way.
(Note how many people will complain about the ZESCO increase after the
next bill as opposed to the 46 who bothered to complain before the
increase when it could still have an effect!)

Another thing that
could be done in Zambia to boost the economy is to pay the retirees. We
have a very low retirement age (55) and if people get their benefits the
invest in business or agriculture or something productive. They are
often successful as they have years of experience behind them. The whole
economy would grow as a result. If all retirees had to be paid before
any MP I think it would get done.”