Country: Uganda
City: Kampala
Age: 15

jackson-thJackson attends High School in level S2. His favorite subjects are Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Math. When he graduates, he wants to go to University to become a doctor. He wants to become a doctor so that he can fight diseases that have let friends die. He also wants to study hard so that he can sponsor other children like him who really need the help.

Message from Jackson: “I am grateful for Rose Charities and SMILES for sponsoring me and taking me to school so that i can have a bright future. Thank you for educating me up to the level am now in. I pray God may bless you abundantly and that you keep your spirit for loving and kindness toward others in need. I am grateful for this opportunity and I will work hard.”

If you would like to sponsor Jackson, Please click on the link below and select “Smiles Uganda” from the options at the top. Please write the student’s name in the comments section. Thank-you for your support!


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