Training of Peer Group Educators

By Dr. Mutabazi Sharif, Executive Director Health and Development Agency Uganda

Some of the Peer Group Educators during a training session looking at STI transmission cards in a group

In February 2012, the Impact Through Peers Project with continued support from Rose Charities Hillman Medical Education Fund, Health and Development Agency Uganda, has trained thirty six Peer Group Educators(PGEs) in Sexually Transmitted Infection prevention, Ways of avoiding unintended pregnancies, Gender and Sexuality, Cervical cancer Prevention, Leadership skills, Hygiene and Sanitation, Environmental Protection and Facilitation Skills.

The 36 PGEs were selected from six Secondary Schools in Mbarara Municipality South Western Uganda using a participatory method in which students in each class voted for their representative PGEs.

The PGEs have been empowered with knowledge and skills which they will pass on to their peers in their respective schools, a process that will be monitored by Peer Group Trainers who will give continuous education in facilitation skills and support starting march through October 2012.

The situation of adolescents in Mbarara Municipality needs urgent evidence-based sustainable and feasible intervention. Young people aged 15-24 years are sexually active with males at 73%, and females at 84%. The patterns of sexual behavior are risky with about 38% of those sexually active having more than one sexual partner driven by lack of information on sexual transmitted infections and overwhelming body changes during adolescence. Amidst this, HEADA Uganda believes that an adolescent with the right information on reproductive health is a safe adolescent and will continue to strengthen “Stay Safe and Smart” campaign under the Impact Through Peers Project.

We would welcome any opportunity that would enable us reach out to more adolescents. 

If you would like to help this project expand, please donate to Rose Charities through Canada Helps. Please select the Hillman fund from the dropdown menu.

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