school-supply-distribution-1The Storm

Hurricane Matthew swept through Haiti this week leaving devastation and over 800 dead. In most cases it is the poorest families that have lost the most. Imagine trying to shelter from a storm like this in a flimsy shanty house on a hillside or by a dry riverbed. Many houses and vegetable gardens were simply washed or blown away.  Families have no homes, children have no school uniforms or supplies, there is no food, and carefully-tended gardens have vanished.

The Priorities

Our Haitian partners  are helping as much as they can. They report significant damage in their small village of Miragoane , with several homes and many gardens destroyed. The local city of Jacmel is extensively damaged.  Any donations we can send them will go directly to the families most in need in Miragoane and Jacmel.   The priorities are:

1Essential food and cooking supplies

2Rebuilding vegetable gardens

3Providing supplies so that children can return to school.

How You Can Help

Everyone In Haiti and Canada is an unpaid volunteer, so your donation will go entirely to a family in need, without any deductions.  Our local partners who are part of the community and they will deliver aid very fast and where it is needed most.  $20 will buy seeds and plants for a family to rebuild a garden. $15 will buy school supplies for a child. ( see photo)  $2 buys a hot meal.

Please donate generously.



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